Orthopedic Surgeries

Our hospital is excited to offer a wide variety of orthopedic procedures for our clients as well as referred clients. Here are some of the more common procedures we are equipped to help your pet:


Cranial Cruciate rupture repair

Cranial Cruciate ligament (CCL) is similar to knee ligaments in humans. The repair of the knee is needed when this ligament ruptures. The cause of rupture can be a multitude of things from genetic to trauma.

When this ligament ruptures, the stability of the knee is compromised and requires surgical intervention to repair. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, and the gold standard of treatment is a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). The procedure uses hardware and the dog's own structures to stabilize the joint. Other options are available, and we can discuss these with you at the time of your appointment.

mpl pre

Medial Luxating Patella:

Medial luxating patella is an ailment that occurs commonly in small dogs, and the animal is born with or develops in time. The condition occurs when the kneecap sits abnormally. Usually since it is a genetic condition, both limbs are affected with this condition. Some animals live unknowingly with this condition, and you see random bouts of lameness. It can progress though to affecting how your pet is able to walk consistently since the kneecap is not in the right position, so your dog may show limping or not using that limb at all for periods of time. 

Correction of the condition involves stabilizing the kneecap in place to prevent future lameness. Image of a pre-(top) and post-surgery (bottom) are on the right.



Fracture Repair:

 At times, these can be managed with a cast or splint depending on the location. The best way to stabilize bones to allow proper healing typically involves plates and /or pins to ensure proper apposition between bones. 

To the right is an example of one we performed at the clinic. The bottom picture is after we put a plate in to stabilize the bone:


If there any other orthopedic problems not listed that your pet may experience, please contact us to see the next step for you and your pet. 

In any of these orthopedic cases, post care is key in to allow the bone and/or joint to heal properly. We will send home with instructions to for at home care and we can refer to physical therapy places if the owner desires. 

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